Beljay Services

Standing Stallions


Beljay Performance Horses stands stallions for breeding purposes. We have safe facilities for both your stallion and your client mares. We are highly experienced in handling stallions with over 20 years experience. We breed mares naturally and also collect chilled semen for shipping across Australia.

Artificial Insemination & Scanning


We purposely build our facility so our veterinarians can safely work from our property. They offer a large range of reproductive options.  

Foaling Down


Everyone who breeds horses knows that it can be a stressful time when your precious mare is about to foal; not only that, it may have cost a lot to get your mare pregnant. This is why we offer foaling down assistance for your valued mare and foal. Using foaling alarms and cameras we can keep an extra close eye on your mare day and night. We have specially built foaling pens that are foal safe and we also have 5 x 5 metre enclosed stables if needed. We have veterinarians on call at all times for all emergencies or special care needs for your foal.

Semen Collection


We offer semen collection for all breeds of stallions for shipping purposes. We have a safe environment and breeding dummy that is in an enclosed breeding barn.  We can also offer to train your stallion to jump a dummy rather than using a mare to collect off.

Farrier & Dental Needs


Ken Frost offers on and off farm farrier services, including corrective shoeing. With many years of working with vets for special needs Ken offers a professional service and takes pride in his work. 


Horse dentists regularly attend our facility and you can book in with us for their next visit days.